The Rosslyn Enigma

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Six centuries of myth and history are intertwined in the beautiful ornate Rosslyn Chapel, a few miles south of Scotland's historic capital, Edinburgh. Built by Sir William Sinclair and used for worship for only a century after it was completed in 1446, it fell into disperair when Cromwell's soldiers sacked nearby Rosslyn Castle. Restored at the behest of Queen Victoria, the chapel has attracted streams of visitors since Sir Walter Scott wrote " The Lay of the Last Minstrel" featuring Rosslyn. A series of books, and now the Da Vinci Code film, have brought grail hunters, Templar historians, freemasons with their various passions and theories. Now undergoing major preservation to ensure it is here for another six hundred years, Rosslyn Chapel is still keeping its secrets and watching quietly as the visitors come and go ? French, German, Spanich, Russian Running Time 21 mins 4 seconds

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