DVD Da Vinci Code Decoded

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The definitive documentary exploration of Dan Brown's thrilling novel The Da Vinci Ciode, answers the questions everyone is asking! * What exactly was Leonardo da Vinci trying to tell us in his coded paintings? * Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene? * Who were yhe Knights Templar? * What is the secret of the mysterious church at Rennes-le-Ch?teau? * What is the Priory of Sion? * What secret did the real life Sauni?re know that threatened the Church? * What are the Gnostic Gospels? * Did Roman emperors rewrite the new Testament to control the population? This DVD exclusive production is essential viewing for all readers of The Da Vinci Code, clearing away fact from fiction and revealing the hidden history and shocking revelations that have made Dan Brown's novel the most controversial and popular adult fiction of the 21st century.Featuring all the key authors and researchers on the many fascinating topics in The Da Vinci Code, including: * Dan Brown- The Da Vinci Code * Dan Burstein- Secrets of the code * Henry Lincoln- Holy Blood, Holy Grail * Martin Lunn- Da Vinci Code Decoded * Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince- The Templar Revelation * Dr Karen Ralls- The Templars and the Grail * Dr James Robinson- The nag Hammadi library * Margaret Starbird- The woman with the Alabastar Jar Also features original location photography from the Louve, Temple Church, Westminster Abbey, Rosslyn Chapel and Rennes-le-Ch?teau- all shot especially for this production. 152 mins
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