Réf.: bloodline

Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene marry and have children? In this controversial documentary, filmmaker Bruce Burgess cracks the Priory of Sion, the shadowy secret society made famous by The Da Vinci Code, which leads him and British adventurer, Ben Hammott, to the shoking confessions of a 19th century priest in southern France. The priest's papers lead them to a biried wooden chest containing Ist century artifacts from Jerusalem associated with the wedding of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The team then finds a remote tomb near the infamous French city of Rennes le Château, containing a mummified corpse, under a Knights Templar shroud. Has the evidence finally been found? Exclusive DVD Bonus Features that will take you deeper into the controversial findings: * Excerpts from an interview with Nicolas Haywood of the Priory of Sion * Deleted scenes: -The British Museum examines the 1st century chest -Coded messages at the Church of Saint Sulpice in Paris, France -The Templar quarry and an underground labyrinth near Rennes-le-Château including never-seen footage of the BLOODLINE tomb * Scientific documentation- see the test result! * Theatrical Trailer V.O USA 2008 PAL 113 Mins Couleur USA 2008 NTSC 113 Mins Couleur
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