Guardians of the Dragon Path - Ani Williams

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HISTORY, MYSTERY, and ENCHANTMENT await the reader in this captivating journey down the Paris Meridian, and its antiquity as a Dragon Path, a network of ancient sites that existed long before scientists measured the meridian.

Mystical encounters with the “Guardians” of standing stones, temples of Egyptian and Greek deities, and hidden sanctuaries of Maria Magdalena—you’ll enter an enigmatic landscape of mysteries revealed for the first time.

Discover the ancient Way of the Stars, a pilgrimage predating the Camino de Santiago by an astonishing five millennia! Learn how this initiation path overlays the author’s stunning discovery of an ancient landscape cross spanning the Pyrenees, defined by megalithic temples aligned with the stars, constructed 6,000 years ago.

Enhance your reading experience with Ani’s special-release album, “Guardians of the Dragon Path,” songs composed during her quest to these ancient sites, with a bonus interactive map, “Path of Songs” with music videos of the sites and “Guardians” featured in the book,

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